Al Hidayah 10 Day package rating

Al-Hidaayah Travel
4.5Average ratings

Overall experience: Alhamdulillah was very happy with the organisation and location for accommodation. Price was bit dear but overall happy with the experience.
Value: We did the 10 day package which was expensive. However Al Hidaya were the only operator doing 10 day package. As we were leaving our son with family, we couldn't really do the 2/3 week packages.
Location: We stayed at Dar Al Tawhid Inter Con which was right by King Abdul Azziz gate, so was location was perfect. Also at Mina we were at VIP tents which were very close to Jammarat. I think Al Hidayah are one of the few UK operators that have access to the tents near Jammarat. We also had access to Apartments at Shisha which was close to Mina.
Service: Service and organisation was very good. The brothers were very professional and knowledgeable. We had Sheikh Ahsan and Muhammad Tim Humble who accompanied us for the trips. The talks they gave were very inspiring.
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