Very poor and unacceptable

Easy Hajj
1.5Average ratings

Overall experience: Overall experience was ok because of our group leader-imam Yahya who provided spiritual support and information despite all the obstacles. My experience in madina was better as hotel was close to Haram and i enjoyed the Ziyara tour very well
Value: Absolutely no value for money at all. The food was repititive and a few times very cold. Dr Adel is very unfriendly and treat ujajs as obstacles. I guess he does not have relevant experience with such a large group
Location: Accomodation is not a hotel but converted residence poorly completed. Apparently rushed for hajj
Service: Tour operator-Dr Adel is very temperamental. Hotel in Aziziya very poor and unhygeinic..far from haram and no coach facility to help pilgrims. Very very poor and unprofesssional service
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